EX award for BAE Systems

BAE Systems has received a $37m contract to provide mission computer system suites for four of South Korea’s Boeing 737 airborne early warning and control aircraft.

The contract supports South Korea‘s EX program, which is providing the country with enhanced airborne surveillance, communications, and battle-management capabilities.

Under contract from Boeing, EX program prime contractor, BAE Systems will also provide three software development labs to support development, integration, and training of the new mission computer system.

The mission computer suite consists of a computer processor with embedded map server and flight-deck tactical display. The suite provides all central mission computing, mass data storage, and high-speed local-area network capability. It also features a communications control processor that provides interfaces to all aircraft sensor and communication subsystems.

Delivery of the first software development lab is scheduled for July 2008. The first mission computer system suite is scheduled for April 2009.