Excavators go elsewhere

FERMEC has confirmed the transfer of its mini-excavator production to another CNH facility.

The UK based backhoe loader specialist, announced that the company’s management met with and notified local unions of its intent to proceed with the transfer of the production of its mini-excavator range from Manchester to another CNH plant.

The transfer is planned to take place during December through to January and production of mini-excavators at Manchester is expected to cease in January 2001.

The transfer of the FERMEC mini-excavator production line is said to be compatible with the requirements of the European Commission in approving the business merger of Case Corporation and New Holland.

One of the conditions specified by the European Commission was the divestiture of the FERMEC Manchester plant, together with the FERMEC backhoe and tractor loader business. The new group, CNH, was permitted to retain the manufacturing and marketing rights to the mini-excavator range.

FREMEC has commenced advance consultation with employee representatives on up to 135 proposed redundancies, affecting up to 76 production staff and up to 59 support staff. The redundancy programme is expected to be concluded by the end of January 2001.

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