Expanded CAD-to-FEA solid model meshing

To promote more efficient surface mesh refinement and more accurate FEA results, Algor has extended its CAD-to-FEA solid model meshing capabilities.

The following enhancements make surface mesh optimisation even easier and faster.

* MMT (Merlin meshing Technology) now preserves more surface information of a solid model from one mesh refinement iteration to the next, so there is no need to re-enter model data each time a model’s surface mesh is enhanced.

* MMT’s ability to handle IGES trimmed-surface file information has been improved so CAD drawings are more easily converted to FEA models.

* MMT now identifies feature lines by assigning them a unique colour for recognition purposes.

* Four-, six-, and eight-node meshing has eliminated the use of pentahedral elements.

* Auto-shaded rendering displays shaded surfaces, concealing internal lines and nodes.

Soon Algor users will be able to bring entire CAD solid models assemblies into Algor at one time with Houdini, Algor’s CAD solid model to FEA software tool.

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