Expanded measurement options from NI

With LabView Real-Time 6i software, engineers can create custom applications in LabView 6i and download them on to an embedded hardware device.

Engineers can create complete, customised systems with the additional hardware that works with LabView Real-Time 6i, a graphical programming environment. With added measurement integration such as the PXI/CompactPCI serial and motion plug-in modules, engineers have the flexibility to build a wide spectrum of embedded, real-time systems. With the RTY Series PXI now able to use serial and motion control modules, engineers can access peripheral systems via serial connections, and integrate real-time motion with data acquisition, analysis and other tasks.

The software is also said to enable engineers to create more efficient control application with patent-pending point-by-point analysis routines. The libraries improve processing speed within control loops by using a memory of past input data and continuously adapting to new data to perform signal analysis.

In addition, LabView Real-Time 6i makes networking communication transparent with its Data Socket, a high level networking technology. Engineers can more easily set up an intelligent distributed network of measurement nodes.