Explorer captures complex signals

The new DL7200 signal explorer from Yokogawa is a high-performance digital oscilloscope, which combines high-speed sampling at up to two GS/s with memory length of up to 16 Mword per channel.

The company claims this combination of speed and memory allows for the simple and accurate capture of complex signals, as well as the high-speed extraction and screen display of the desired information from large volumes of captured data.

The four-channel instrument owes its performance to Yokogawa’s Data Stream Engine (DSE) – an integrated circuit specifically designed to handle large amounts of data at high speed. As a result it has a faster screen update (30 per second) than conventional digital storage oscilloscopes, allowing it to emulate the real time effect of an analogue instrument.

A colour accumulation function, combined with persistence display capabilities, allows the DL7200 to distinguish the frequency of events by colour. This feature is particularly useful for jitter analysis of high-speed signals.