Exploring signals

The DL1640 SignalExplorer family of digital oscilloscopes from Yokogawa features the world’s longest memory (32 Mword) along with 4-channel simultaneous operation and real-time digital filtering.

The long memory (32 Mword in the DL1640L and 8 Mword in the DL1640) enables long-duration, multichannel observations to be made without sacrificing high-speed sampling, while the real-time digital filter extracts signals buried in high-speed noise.

The oscilloscopes retain the all-points display and smart search functions of other instruments in the SignalExplorer series, but sport a 20% reduction in volume, weight and surface area, as well as one-third the power consumption of earlier models.

The instruments feature 4-channel operation with 200 MS/sec sampling and a 200MHz analogue bandwidth. The size (220 mm wide x 266 mm deep x 268 mm high) means that the units occupy less than an A4 size ‘footprint’ on a test bench or desktop, while the weight of 3.9 kg makes the oscilloscopes easily portable.

The DL1640 series uses a 6.4-inch wide-angle TFT colour liquid-crystal display screen, and offers a choice of a PC card drive, Zip drive or floppy drive for internal storage. A range of interfaces includes optional USB and Ethernet connectivity.

A web search function allows file transfer, waveform monitoring, and parameter trend graph plotting on standard browser software such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, while the PC card interface supports large-capacity microdrive and hard disk cards.

The price of the DL1640 in the UK is £4495 with the DL1640L costing £5500 (prices excluding UK Value Added Tax (VAT)).

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