Expro installs subsea fibres

Expro has completed the first installation of its Tronic subsea fibre optic connectors on an oil and gas development.

The connectors have been installed for a BP pump project in the King field in the Gulf of Mexico to assist with increasing the recovery of oil. Connectors were supplied for the subsea umbilical termination assemblies and control pods on the subsea pump stations, providing a means of communication in deepwater.

The installation has set a new world record by applying this multiphase pumping technology in deep water at 1,800m and an offset of 27km. It follows five years product and technology development.

‘This contract has allowed Expro to become deepwater solution providers. This is a challenge that we relished.’ said Mike Marklove, Tronic products business manager. ‘We have been working on this technology for five years and we now have the experience to provide fibre optic products to the market.’

Expro is now working on a field extension on King South, which is also in the Gulf of Mexico.