Extending functionality of ethernet interfaces

A new family of i/o modules from opto 22 will interface with any rs-232 serial device and is claimed to extend the functionality of ethernet i/o system. the new snap-scm-232 two-channel serial communication module, supplied by system devices will connect to virtually any plant floor device, becoming a universal thin server for all data types.

In the past, combining analogue and digital signals with serial devices involved the difficulty and expense of installing a PLC, controller, or PC close to the source of the data to interface with all the signals. With its modules, the SNAP ethernet I/O system now allows users to place the compact I/O system close to the data source and then multiplex all signals back on an ethernet network.

Analogue versions are available in either two or four points per module, while digital modules come with four points each. The new serial module provides two RS-232 ports per module. Almost any application can be handled as up to 16 modules of all three types can be mounted on a single rack.

Ready-to-send (RTS) and Clear-to-send (CTS) functions allow communication with radios or modems directly from the serial ports.