Extending the standard

Broadcom, Genesis Microchip and Texas Instruments have introduced a cross-platform digital interconnect standard for the consumer electronics industry.

An extension of the existing Digital Visual Interface (DVI) 1.0, and maintaining backwards compatibility with it, the standard is designed to allow both digital video and audio transmission over the same cable using inexpensive connectors.

‘It would be really exciting to see the industry gather around this open specification, enabling high-definition video and cinema-quality, surround audio over a single cable,’ said Anders Frisk, Genesis Microchip’s Vice President of Marketing.

To encourage widespread adoption of the standard, the companies believe that the consumer electronic extension of DVI 1.0 should be royalty-free.

The extension was already released to the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG), and the companies are planning to make presentations to the Consumer Electronics Association, DVD Forum and other key consumer electronic trade organisations.