Extra memory for digital cable analyser

Inlec UK is now offering the DSP 4100, a new member of Fluke Network’s family of Digital Cable Analysers.

The new DSP offers superior diagnostics and digital test accuracy with the addition of comprehensive management capabilities, being equipped with a small, removeable memory card that adds memory and data mobility.

Suitable for engineers who need to get the job done, the DSP 4100 saves test results easily and simply, just slide the slot on the instrument’s side and select the data format for storage. In this way a complete set of measurement values can be stored, an added bonus being multi-colour measurement curves can then be produced in test reports. Users can also store the summary numerical data. In this method the worst case and worst value numeric data is stored for test parameters for a wire pair or wire pair combinations from both ends of te link under test. The memory card can be dropped off or mailed in to save testing time and make reporting more convenient.

The DSP 41 is supplied with a Windows-based Cable Management Software package, which helps users quickly organise, edit, view, print, save or archive test results by job, site, customer, campus or building. Users can merge test results into existing databases and then sort, search or organise by any number of data fields or parameters.

The DSP certifies both copper and fibre cabling installations to all current industry and application standards, as well as proposed TIA Cat 6 and ISO/IEC Class E-performance standards.

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