Eye-to-eye contact

London-based GreenEyes has launched Eye Catcher 3.5, the first desktop videophone which allows users to maintain eye contact with a life-size image of teleconference participants.

Unlike other forms of videoconferencing, the Eye Catcher allows multiple users to apparently look directly into each other’s eyes during a conversation. This eye-to-eye telepresence is achieved using techniques developed and patented by Ex’ovision, GreenEyes’ parent company.

Eye Catcher is sufficiently compact to be placed on a desktop at the same distance away a colleague would sit. As images are projected at a normal conversational distance, interaction through the Eye Catcher seems more natural.

Paul Dickinson, CEO of Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and a director of GreenEyes UK said that reducing the need for face-to-face meetings could reduce emissions.

GreenEyes said many companies already successfully use Eye Catcher technology, the largest in the UK being Unilever who bought 50 to be deployed worldwide.