FAA places CM-300 order

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has ordered $10m of additional CM-300 Ultra-high Frequency (UHF) radios and equipment from General Dynamics C4 Systems. The radios will be used to upgrade communication capabilities between air traffic controllers and military aircraft in the US National Airspace System.

The order is part of the $102m FAA UHF Replacement Radio contract originally awarded to General Dynamics in 2002.

The CM-300 radios transmit and receive vital flight path, tracking and related navigation information between military aircraft in-flight and air traffic control personnel on the ground.

Deployed throughout the United States, General Dynamics’ CM-300 radios are also used for air traffic control communications at US military air stations and ranges in fixed-site and remote locations.

‘The CM-300 is built to last,’ said Chris Brady, vice president of Assured Communications for General Dynamics C4 Systems. ‘You could turn it on and leave it running, day and night, for 35 years. That’s real-world reliability.’