Factory suite is active

Wonderware has released ActiveFactory Suite, version 3.1.1. ActiveFactory is designed to bridge the gap between the data stored in Wonderware’s Industrial SQL Server and all of the potential users of that information in an organisation. This complimentary set of database client tools allows users to easily mine the information stored in an organisation’s Industrial SQL servers from Wonderware and other online corporate relational database resources.

ActiveFactory 3.1.1 is one of the initial product offerings from Wonderware’s new Advanced Client Technology (ACT) strategy that includes a series of new multi-client access technologies and software tools. ACT products are designed to help companies seamlessly integrate critical, real-time plant floor data captured by Wonderware’s FactorySuite and MaintenanceSuite platforms with the rest of their business enterprise operations.

ActiveFactory is a full-featured suite of client applications that maximises the value of the data in Wonderware’s InSQL. The suite allows dissemination of information on an intranet and Internet; trend analysis of data over time; easy numerical analysis of data in MS Excel; ad hoc access to all of the data in InSQL; graphical visualisation of the current plant state; and data reporting.

ActiveFactory 3.1.1 includes standalone applications Trend, View and Query. It also includes two add-ins to MS – Office (Report and Workbook) that link InSQL data to the power of MS Word and MS Excel.

Use of the ActiveFactory constituent controls (such as the Tag Picker, TimeBar, etc.) in any application is possible with an ActiveFactory server license.

For more information, visit the Wonderware home page at: http://www.wonderware.com.