FALCON flies further

The MoD has signed a £45m contract extension with BAE Systems Insyte for the latest element of its FALCON communications system.

BAE Systems will demonstrate, manufacture and support the new component, which is designed to support RAF deployed operations.

The FALCON system is a suite of deployable telecommunications systems which will enable voice and data transmission to armed forces on the battlefield.

FALCON is intended as an upgrade to the RAF’s complex network-enabled operations handling facilities on deployed operating bases. This latest increment, Increment C, will provide the telephones and data distribution which will host command and control, logistics and aircraft-specific mission and planning systems.

FALCON is designed to operate with other communication and information systems, such as Bowman, Cormorant and SKYNET V, which have been introduced progressively since 2002, and will be compatible with other NATO systems.

According to the MoD, FALCON will reliably deliver improved capacity and functionality for voice and data traffic while reducing the service manpower required to operate and support the system.

Insyte has sites across the UK. The contract will lead to the creation of 35 further jobs.