Fancy stitching at the touch of a screen

Specifying a range of sewing or embroidery options, such as stitches, thread tension and buttonholes on traditional sewing machines involves manual setting using knobs or levers. Not any more. The latest machine, called Artista, from Bernina uses Danielson touch technology as an MMI to a computer that does all the work for the user.

The device specified for the sewing system is a resistive analogue touch panel designed for high resolution applications. It is constructed from two layers of polyester coated on the inner facing surfaces with conductive indium tin oxide. The layers are laminated together, with the conduction surface being separated by clear, non-conducting spacer dots, arranged in a predefined matrix.

This thin, flexible assembly is mounted on a glass back panel, which is sealed with rubber and fixed directly onto the sewing machine. Glass was specified in preference to polycarbonate as it gives a high level of clarity and rigidity.

On screen information is displayed in modern, globally understood graphics which are easy to read and understand by users around the world.

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