Farewell communication

Psion and Motorola are to discontinue joint development of Wireless Information Devices.

Psion and Motorola have agreed to discontinue joint development of Wireless Information Devices by Psion’s wholly-owned Psion Computers division and Motorola’s Personal Communications Sector.

Motorola will refocus its efforts on a multifunctional mobile smart phone to be launched in 2002 based on the Symbian platform. Motorola owns 21% of Symbian Ltd and is actively engaged in planning the future development of the company.

The decision will not affect other collaborative programmes between Motorola and Psion; Psion Teklogix continues to work with Motorola on Symbian-based products targeted at certain industrial markets.

Psion’s contribution to the development of the first product within this joint programme – a Communicator product based on Symbian’s Quartz platform – is well advanced and has progressed to schedule.

Psion will continue the development of the product and is evaluating a range of options for its completion in the light of the significant additional development cost and a launch in the first half of 2002.

As part of the terms agreed between Psion and Motorola to terminate the agreement, Motorola will waive repayment of monies paid to Psion and will shortly make an additional payment to Psion. In addition, Psion will retain certain intellectual property rights contributed by Motorola to the product development. Motorola also continues to have access to certain rights in respect of Psion’s Halla processor.

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