Farnell goes live

Premier Farnell has gone live with the first ever global, end-to-end eProcurement solution for BAE Systems, the third largest aerospace and defence company in the world.

Premier Farnell, an electronic components and industrial products distributor, believes that it is currently the only major supplier of this type to work with BAE Systems on eMarketplace technology.

The system will enable Premier Farnell Group to supply BAE Systems through Exostar, the aerospace and defence online trading exchange, founded by the blue chip consortium of BAE Systems, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Rolls-Royce. BAE Systems buyers will have online access to a tailored product range, including 110,000 items from Newark in the US and 65,000 items from Farnell in the UK. The same eProcurement link provides Farnell UK and Newark USA with a ‘one-to-many’ connection to all of the trading partners on the Exostar trading network.

Premier Farnell has held a Global Supplier Agreement with BAE Systems since 2000 and was approached by them earlier this year as an ideal candidate for the Exostar project. Premier Farnell has worked closely with BAE Systems throughout this year to produce customised catalogues tailored by country, which sit behind BAE Systems’ firewall.

Authorised BAE Systems employees can then buy from the catalogue from anywhere in the world, with orders routed through the Exostar exchange which has an eProcurement infrastructure provided by CommerceOne.

Further phases of the project will establish eInvoicing and ePayment capabilities to speed up and simplify the purchasing process still further.

BAE Systems’ participation in eProcurement via Exostar will speed up transaction times and eliminate human error almost completely, by automating the entire buying process from the first click of the mouse through to the arrival of orders at Premier Farnell warehouses around the world.

Premier Farnell has also provided links from the BAE Systems online catalogue straight through to its own websites, where customers can find expert datasheets and advice on relevant products. BAE Systems has been assigned a dedicated Premier Farnell Global Account Manager, who works exclusively on business between the companies.