Fast frequency source for PXI platform

Test and design engineers can generate high-frequency sine and clock outputs with the latest addition to the National Instruments line of PXI modular instrumentation.

The NI PXI-5404 100 MHz frequency source can simultaneously generate sine and clock outputs up to 100 MHz with 1.07 uHz resolution and ± 0.2 dB sine level accuracy.

Engineers can use the new frequency source for clocking options in automated test equipment (ATE) systems as well as for sine wave generation for basic analog stimulus. Its clock output levels address both TTL and CMOS technologies.

The simultaneous sine and clock outputs and sine level accuracy of ±0.2 dB of this new frequency source make it suitable for coherent sampling in ATE, functional test and design validation applications. It features 9 kHz to 100 MHz sine generation and DC to 100 MHz clock generation with sine amplitude adjustable from 2 Vpp to 1 Vpp, 12-bit vertical resolution and sinewave passband flatness of ±0.2 dB. With its phase-lock loop, the device can synchronise to the PXI backplane and other devices, such as high-speed digitizers.

The NI PXI-5404 frequency source comes with the IVI-compliant instrument driver NI-FGEN, which delivers programming support for LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Basic and Visual C++. With the simulation mode now available in the NI-FGEN software, test and design engineers have the freedom to develop and prototype applications without the NI PXI-5404 hardware in their system.