Fast scanning laser probe makes UK debut

EuroPac Metrology has recently demonstrated the Preceptron Laser non-contact system, which enables surface and geometric data capture using ‘Point Cloud’ technology.

The portable, real-time laser scanner is able to capture data at over 23,000 points per sec, providing direct comparisons against original 3-D CAD models and enabling immediate feedback of complex surface and geometric data within an accuracy of +/- 50 microns.

It can be operated from a laptop or desktop computer and data can be exported to most major software packages able to perform inspection, reverse engineering, prototyping and copy milling.

Because of the speed and ease of interpolation of measured results, trends, drifts and errors can be identified earlier in the process. Because there is no direct contact with the part to be processed, sensitive, soft materials or parts that could be easily deflected with a touch probe can be easily and quickly measured.

The Preceptron laser probe provides immediate on-screen visualisation through Delcam’s PowerINSPECT software and demonstrates immediate data feedback of the comparison with the original CAD model.

The laser probe uses the principle of laser triangulation through optical lenses. The plane of laser light is projected onto the target object and the reflected light is captured by a camera in the sensor unit, which is tuned to only visualise the specified wavelength of light. This is said to negate any interference from fluorescent, incandescent or high-intensity lighting.

The laser light detected by the camera falls upon a 768 points per line grid matrix from which the points are precisely calculated. By progressively moving the probe unit over the part to be scanned, the object is built-up into a cloud of data points which is then automatically exported to the PowerINSPECT software for processing.

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