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Megger has launched BITE 3, a new battery tester that, among other things, is the first of its kind to measure float and ripple current.

Megger has launched BITE 3, a new battery tester, which is the first of its kind to measure both float and ripple current, in addition to impedance, cell voltage and intercell connection resistance. Used in conjunction with Megger’s ProActive database management software, this combination is now said to be the market’s most powerful lead-acid battery analyser.

BITE 3 (Battery Impedence Test Equipment) provides online testing withPass/Warning/Fail calculations. Built with on-board data analysis, this small, light, handheld instrument enables comparisons with historical data through the recall of previous test results. Reportedly ideal for large installations, the tester is fast, accurate and easy to use tester, eliminating downtime.

BITE 3’s accompanying ProActiv software is also said to be the first of its kind, in that it organises and analyses battery data in an MS Access database. The software enables test results to be organised according to the needs and convenience of the end user. Megger said that together, BITE 3 and ProActive software offer the most comprehensive data analysis system to provide reliable evaluation of batteries in the DC network.

The tester determines the condition of lead-acid cells up to 2,000 Ah and also measures cell impedence, cell voltage and intercell connection resistance. With built in spectrum analyser, the tester will also show the harmonic content of the ripple current.

Battery operated, BITE 3 contains extensive memory for improved data analysis. With more than 16MB of memory, it uses a Windows CE operating system and can store more than 4,000 sets of data in more than 1,000 tests. The tester is menu-driven and easy to navigate. Its data analysis screens provide immediate feedback on the status of cell impedence.

“Unlike load cycle testing, which is expensive, non-predictive and time-consuming, this tester offers rapid test time and the ability for the operator to easily, quickly and precisely measure cell and string parameters without taking the systems offline,” commented Rick Lawrence, BITE 3 product manager at Megger. “Moreover, the instrument takes battery measurements inas little as five keystrokes!”

BITE 3 is available with an optional printer, which allows the user to output reports to be left at the site as a record for future reference. The tester supports multiple languages and its firmware is upgradeable.

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