FDS launches training academy for bolted joint assemblers

The $100m (£62m) turnover FDS group, comprising Flexitallic Group, Novus Sealing, Siem Supranite and Induseal Gaskets, has launched The Academy of Joint Integrity with dedicated facilities in Aberdeen, Teeside/Humberside, West Yorkshire and globally in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria, Thailand, China, the Middle East and Kazakhstan.

The academy’s training programmes address the lack of standardised qualifications for bolted joint assemblers, identified by the industry as a leading cause of joint leakage which can result in personnel injury and, for example, hydrocarbon releases which are viewed as precursors to major incidents.

The FDS group created the academy to provide accredited and awareness training courses in joint integrity and flange management processes, underpinning the importance of certified bolted joint assemblers to achieving and maintaining a leak free bolted connection.