FEED the gas plant

UK-based ODE has completed a £6m FEED contract for surface facilities of the entire Ebla Gas Project in Syria.

The Petro-Canada Palmyra development includes multiple well sites, flowlines, a gas gathering station, a gas treatment plant and a truckline. It is due for completion in August 2010 and will include two fields, Ash Shaer and Cherrife, in central Syria which is north west of Palmyra.

The new-build gas treatment plant will be next to another plant currently under construction for the Syrian Gas Corporation. This is part of the SMAG project and some utilities and services will be shared between the two plants.

At the field itself, the gas gathering station will separate the water (to be disposed of by reinjection) then dehydrate the gas for pipeline transportation to the treatment plant. The plant will extract LPG (propane and butane) from feed gas for road tanker transport and produce export specification sales gas using a turbo-expander and liquid fractionation process.

The project includes all facilities from the well trees up to the tie-in to the export lines, as well as all associated utilities and infrastructure. Five gas well sites and three oil well sites are initially planned for the Ash Shaer field with one gas well scheduled for the Cherrife field.

ODE project-managed the FEED scope and was responsible for the well sites, gas gathering station and pipelines. It sub-contracted elements, including the gas treatment plant, to Snamprogetti UK.