Feel the pulse

ENDEVCO/Bruel & Kjaer (UK) Ltd has introduced a new replaceable-element triaxial accelerometer that measures acceleration in three mutually perpendicular axes.

The Model 7267A is said to be ideal for applications requiring steady state or long duration pulse measurement in applications such as anthropomorphic dummies used in automotive crash testing.

The accelerometer meets SAE J211 specifications that are the highest standards of performance for electronic instrumentation.

The Model 7267A’s three sensors are mutually perpendicular and are positioned so that theoretical lines drawn through the centres of the seismic masses intersect at a single point. The sensors are easily replaceable, requiring only a single screw for installation or removal. Solder pins provide electrical connection for a nine-conductor cable. Both top and side cable entry holes are provided.

A 10-foot cable and mounting base are available as accessories. Sensors, housing and a cable clamp are available as replacement components.

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