FiberBeam linear motor positioner

The FiberBeam family of linear motor positioners are designed to meet the demands of photonic alignment and assembly systems.

With travel of 20, 50, and 100mm, all share a low profile of 50mm.

The Fiberbeam stages themselves incorporate proprietary porous bearing technology, avoiding the clogging problems common to orifice bearing designs.

All models bolt together directly to form X-Y assemblies without the need for adapter plates. The height of such a stack is 100mm. Right angle brackets and frictionless spring or air counterbalances are available to permit vertical operation. This allows three axis X-Y-Z assemblies to be configured.

Dual carriage/single base versions can also be supplied, where the motion of the two carriages is parallel to less than 2 arc-seconds.

In constant velocity applications, tracking errors during motion can be held to +/- 10 nanometres.

The use of a single phase, brush-less motor in the FiberBeam-20 stage provides the high performance of sinusoidal commutation from brush-type amplifiers – no commutation is required.

All the cables and connectors are located in a stationary base, avoiding any cable influence on stage movement.