Fibre optic automation software starts to ship

Adept Technology has started to ship Adept NanoWare, an application software package designed specifically for automatic assembly of fibre optic components.

The software package provides a fully-integrated control platform for automated fibre optic component assembly with integration of alignment stages, epoxy and laser welding positioning devices, machine vision, process instrumentation and cell control.

‘We’ve enhanced our best-in-class motion control and assembly software with tools designed to solve fibre optic alignment and bonding applications. These tools include Adept PowerFinder search algorithms which are designed to greatly reduce the time required to find ‘first light’ and the Adept PowerServo bonding control process which maximises power coupling throughout the entire bonding process,’ said Joe Campbell, vice president of marketing for Adept Technology.

Adept NanoWare software provides an assembly platform that controls the full spectrum of fibre assembly applications ranging from single alignment stage tools to sophisticated epoxy bonding and laser welding systems.

The software’s communication protocols include GPIB and Ethernet to communicate with industry standard software packages such as Visual Basic and LabVIEW. Adept NanoWare software is available in two formats: the AIM NanoWare software package for use with Adept’s motion and robot controllers, and the Adept NanoWare PC software package for use with PC-based controllers.

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