Fieldbus standard will fail

Profibus International believes that the standard claimed to enable fieldbus compliance will fail to deliver. Profibus International, the umbrella group representing the Profibus user group worldwide has reaffirmed its call to stop work on the proposed in

The Fieldbus Foundation stated that ‘it is not necessary for a commercial group to implement every feature available in IEC 61158 in order to rightfully claim full compliance with the international standard: the implementor must only conform exactly to a given profile specified in the standard.’

The new ‘method of compliance’ reinforces the concern of Profibus International that the specification is technically deficient and unproven. There are no profiles in the FDIS documents. Also, it is clear that many compliant IEC 61158 fieldbuses are now possible, with no guarantee of interoperability.

‘This is a real multi-headed-monster that contradicts the single interoperable fieldbus target for IEC 61158,’ said Hodgkinson. ‘In standardisation terms these FDIS documents are fundamentally flawed. We have to recommend a No vote to all IEC National Committees.’