Filters out geometrical data

Designers responsible for the cooling of electronic systems could find design times improved by using FLO/MCAD from Flomerics – a software module that intelligently filters geometrical data from Mechanical Computer-Aided Design (MCAD) packages to produce a simplified thermal equivalent for use within the company’s Flotherm thermal analysis software. The module can be used to simplify parts or assemblies created in MCAD packages such as Pro/ENGINEER, I-DEAS, Unigraphics, SolidDesigner and Autocad.

Most MCAD solid models contain too much geometrical information and little, or no information about thermal properties and boundary conditions; simply importing the total geometry can create a thermal analysis problem so complex it takes weeks to solve.

Some features are not important from a thermal point of view, but can greatly increases the complexity and time required for thermal analysis. Using FLO/MCAD, unnecessary geometrical features are removed, preserving the volume or surface area. The simplification takes only a few minutes of CPU time, and is controlled throughout by user-defined tolerances.