Finding peace and quiet

If peace and quiet is your aim this Christmas, then the senior management would personally recommend the K’Nex system out of the three kits. Rugged, easy to assemble and brightly coloured, it has an appeal that crosses several age groups and more than enough ‘bits’ to keep several individuals busy at once. What’s more, you won’t be running around to 24 hour garages to find batteries on Christmas morning. But will any of these kits encourage your children to become ace engineers? Certainly, they teach them how to read a manual. And, while that may be valuable in this age of nauseating Nintendo, the real innovators are surely the engineers who designed the models and wrote the instruction manuals in the first place. Until we can teach children those skills, we may have a ways to go. Does any toy exist on the market that can do that and still be fun? These kits are at least a good place for would be engineers to start.