Fingerprint ID for mobiles

A new fingerprint identification system from Fujitsu Microelectronics provides an authentication system for mobile devices.

Fujitsu’s new MBF300 Sweep Sensor fingerprint verification system is built on the company’s solid-state sensor technology and template-matching algorithms.

A single, rapid fingerprint sweep across the MBF300 sensor captures fingerprint features associated with high-resolution, 500-dpi fingerprint data. Algorithms then generate a unique ‘template’ that corresponds to specific fingerprint features. The template is then compared against a database of other templates, providing virtually instant identification, with very low false acceptance and false rejection rates.

The MBF300, which operates at voltages from 2.8V to 5V, features an operating current of 100mW and standby power consumption of 50 mW. The sensor area is approximately 1.28cm x 0.20cm, allowing authentication for all users. The device incorporates three interfaces: USB Version 1.1, an 8-bit MCU bus interface and a Serial Peripheral interface (SPI).

The MBF300 is available in 54-pin FBGA and 54-pin FLGA packaging.