Fingerprint verification

At this week’s Comdex, Swedish-based Fingerprint Cards AB has introduced a new fingerprint verification system.

The system itself comprises the FPC1030 capacitive swipe sensor, the FPC2010 processor, and the FPC4030 Distinct Area Detection (DAD) algorithm.

Unlike alternative designs, the swipe sensor scans the entire fingerprint pattern, rather than just a section of it, when the fingertip is swiped over the sensor surface. For prospective users wishing to try out the technology, an evaluation kit test package – dubbed the FPC6000 Swipe Launch Kit – is available for $270.

Complete fingerprint verification systems will be available at less than $10/unit for volumes of 500K, and $20/unit for volumes of 10K.

The swipe sensor FPC1030 can also be purchased as a separate packaged component at $11/unit at volumes of 10K.

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