Firm footing

The new management team at the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) has pledged to improve research and development, increase revenues and create up to 180 technical jobs in the north west of England.

A formal agreement has been made to reach key objectives, which include maintaining and improving NNL’s best-in-class safety record and significantly increasing revenues over the three-year contract period.

The team, made up from the Serco, Battelle and Manchester University (SBM) consortium, plans to invest £1m each into research and development each year to reach these targets and fund new capabilities projects. The team also expects to advance the commissioning of the Plutonium Laboratories and High Active Cells of the new Central Laboratory in Sellafield.

Managing director Mike Lawrence said: ‘We will look to develop the NNL to become a valued and successful nuclear science and technology laboratory, world-renowned for its exceptional staff, cutting-edge facilities and excellent value for money.

‘The new team will give our people the tools and ability to develop science and deliver the right technology to customers. We will maintain and grow the UK nuclear skill base and put the NNL on a firm financial footing by building on an already exceptional performance.’