Firm gets animated for print

A company in Belgium aims to commercialise large area screen-printed electronics for the advertising and packaging industries.

The nanoelectronics research centre IMEC, Hasselt University and the Belgian screen-printing company Artist Screen are selling the technology through Lumoza.

The technology combines electroluminescent ink with a driver that controls the sequence and timing of the animation. This results in an electroluminescent computer animation that can be printed, just like ink, on different surfaces, including thin plastic foil that can be folded, rolled, or wrapped.

Lumoza is marketing the technology for applications including luminous ceilings or furniture, innovative packaging, animated printed billboards, clothing and vehicle coatings.

Wouter Moons, chief executive of Lumoza, said the DVD-packaging industry has already shown interest. He added that future applications could see the technology employed by the construction industry.