Firm wins Formula One contract for gearboxes

A Stourbridge manufacturing firm has been awarded a contract with a Formula One team.

Surface improvement and degreasing specialists Midland Deburr and Finish will degrease the gearbox casings for the team, which wishes to remain unnamed.

Midland Deburr joined forces with the team at the end of last year and has degreased seven gearbox casings to date.

Chris Arrowsmith, managing director, said: ‘We do a lot of automotive work anyway, so the next step was moving into Formula One, which of course is very lucrative. [The team] used to do that work in-house but it has since discovered a new design for the casing that wouldn’t fit in its machine. We’ve worked with it to create a new jig and it has had better results with us than when it was doing it themselves. Obviously they’re extremely high-value components so [the team is] delighted with the results.’