First Frontier for Airbus

US low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines has finalised a contract for six Airbus A320s, the first time it has selected this model. The incremental order comes less than a year after Frontier converted to an all-Airbus operator.

As part of the agreement, Frontier is converting four of its existing A319 orders to A320s, and four other previously ordered A319s to four A318s. Frontier will receive its ten A320 aircraft starting in early 2008 through to 2010 and the A318 aircraft in 2007. Frontier anticipates obtaining three additional A319 aircraft through arrangements with leasing companies.

Frontier put its first Airbus aircraft into service in June 2001. The airline currently operates a fleet of 50 owned and leased Airbus aircraft consisting of seven A318s and 43 A319s.

Through March 2006, Airbus had received firm orders for 4335 A320 Family aircraft, while some 2700 A318s, A319s, A320s and A321s are already in service worldwide.