First phase of Walney wind farm announced operational

The first phase of the offshore wind farm being developed in the Irish Sea by Walney (UK) Offshore Windfarms is now operational. 

Walney 1, with a total of 51 turbines and a total installed capacity of 183.6MW, has completed commissioning tests and is now available to generate electricity.

Construction of the second and final phase of the wind farm, Walney 2, which also comprises 51 turbines with a total installed capacity of 183.6MW, is in progress.

The first turbine was installed in early June 2011 and a further 17 have since been installed. Phase two of the wind farm will be commissioned next year. 

The wind farm as a whole is expected to have an average load factor of around 43 per cent and produce around 1,300GWh of electricity in a typical year.

Under the UK government’s Renewables Obligation Scheme, this output will qualify for 2.0 Renewable Obligation Certificates per MWh.