Five of these on one DVD

Code named ‘MC-10,’ a new digital compression engine from Santa Monica, CA-based Zeros & Ones is claimed to achieve a three to ten times compression ratio with the same or superior levels of image quality to MPEG2.

Zeros & Ones is currently in the process of putting five full-length feature films on a single DVD to demonstrate the development, and intends to commercialise and license its MC-10 technology as well as several of its processes.

The company claim that the MC-10 engine can successfully compress scenes, such as backlit hair or fields of tall grass, that inherently don’t compress well using conventionally available methods such as MPEG and MPEG2.

In addition, the technology is said to completely eliminate the possibility of ‘banding,’ a common problem associated with compression especially in the high-end digital visual effects industry.

‘The MC-10 mission is to achieve zero perceivable artifacts – something no commercially released comparable product we are aware of has achieved to date. We believe there is awesome power in being able to cast five times the satellite TV or cable channels into the home with equal or better quality than what exists today,’ stated Zeros & Ones’ Chairman and CEO Robert J. Holtz.

The Company is currently seeking strategic technology and investment partners to further the development of MC-10 and to bring it to its full commercial potential.

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