Fixing data exchange

The recovery of historical CAD data and transferring data from one system to another is a tough problem in most organisations, if it’s tackled at all. FEGS in Cambridge has just released a neat geometry exchange and diagnostics package called CADfix Pro.

Using interactive graphics, CADfix Pro allows CAD models to be imported and geometric imperfections to be assessed and repaired before the model is exported to another CAD, CAM or CAE system. Historical data can also be pulled in and then placed in a more modern system in this way.

A geometry fixer uses both automated and user-defined repair functions. A unique ‘traffic light’ system informs users of the actions required. It is easy to identify a problem quickly because of the way functions are assembled within the user interface: the functions identify and classify each problem. This package also has good cleaning facilities, including healing and NURB manipulation, as well as transformation functions such as joining and collapse functions.

A CAE modelling option gives full pre-processing functions from CAE analysis including a wide range of meshing tools for FE, FD and BE analysis. The CAE result visualisation option offers a comprehensive selection of tools to visualise, evaluate and present results from FE, BEM and FD analysis.

The CAM exchange package allows the creation and export of STL data while the CAM module offers a variety of tools to create 2D sections from 3D geometry which are suitable for 2D drafting and machining packages. There is also a transformation package for advance model de-featuring and simplification, a toolkit to import and export model geometry and FE data to custom applications, and a specialised module for solving fluid structure interaction problems.

FEGS Tel: 01223 237111