Flakt Woods wins largest ever contract for Turkey rail tunnel

Air climate and movement products supplier Flakt Woods has been awarded its largest ever single contract, a €7m (£5.9m) project to supply ventilation fans for the Marmaray tunnel rail project in Turkey, comprising a 13.6km-long rail tunnel, costing €1.9bn and running deep beneath the Bosphorus Straits.

The tunnel consists of a series of earthquake-proofed immersed tubes, assembled from 11 sections, each as long as 130 metres and weighing up to 18,000 tons.

The Colchester-based company is supplying jet fans for eight shafts ventilating the new crossing.

Measuring up to 2.8 metres in diameter, the fans will be capable of providing emergency ventilation in the worst-case scenario — a fire on a freight train more than a kilometre long.