Flashy specification

Rev 3.0 of the CompactFlash Specification Revision can now be downloaded free from the website of the CompactFlash Association (CFA).

The new specification increases the CompactFlash interface data transfer rate from 16MByte/sec to 66MByte/sec, while maintaining forward and backward compatibility with old and new host systems.

DMA interface mode is also included and reduces the processor power required to manage the CompactFlash data transfers. Ultra DMA 33 and Ultra DMA 66 interface modes will increase the CompactFlash interface data transfer rate to 66MByte/sec.

Faster PCMCIA ATA Memory and I/O modes have also been added and can provide interface transfer rates up to 25MByte/sec.

CompactFlash card slots are in over 325 digital cameras, over 150 handheld/palm-size PCs and over 410 other electronic platforms including heart monitors, defibrillators, printers, MP3 players, voice recorders, embedded computers, etc. than any other small form factor card.

In addition to CompactFlash data storage cards, there are CF cards that provide I/O capability. VGA, Ethernet, modem, serial, parallel, digital phone, GSM, Bluetooth, Ethernet wireless Wand & laser barcode scanners, finger print scanners, TV and GPS CF+ cards are also available.