Flat panel PC is rugged

A 15in tft flat panel pentium expanded industrial pc from cks holdings has been designed to provide industrial and military users with a rugged computer with an temperature operating range of zero to 50oc.

The display is a full colour, analogue, active matrix TFT from NEC, which is protected by a 6mm thick Lexan scratch resistant filter. The backlight is guaranteed for 25,000h and can easily be replaced by a hinged backbox. With a zinc passivated steel surround, the front of the unit is chemical resistant and sealed to IP65.

A Pentium 233 MMX processor is used with 64Mb of SDRam and a Quantum Fireball hard drive. For communications, the HMI has a 10/100 Base-Tx RJ45 fast ethernet port, an SPP/EPP and ECP supporting parallel port and two RS232 ports. Options include a variety of Pentium II and III processors, solid state disk (up to 288Mb), a touch screen and extra Ram.