Flexibility and convenience

Parvus Corporation has unveiled the PC104+DEV, an open-frame development platform designed to simplify software and hardware development of embedded computer systems.

The unit is said to combine an ATX power supply, CD-ROM drive, 3.5″ floppy drive and 2.5″ IDE hard drive together with a backplane designed for use with PCI, ISA, PC/104 and/or PC/104-Plus single board computer and expansion cards.

Offering a high degree of flexibility and convenience for developing, prototyping, and/or testing embedded PCs, the PC104+DEV benchtop development station comes equipped with a variety of PC/AT D-subminiature connectors and standard features. Included are serial, parallel, IDE and PS/2 interfaces, as well as a real time clock battery, power on/off switch, voltage LED indicators, and a reset pushbutton.

According to Parvus, users simply attach a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to a user-supplied CPU board to have all of the system resources of a typical desktop PC. The product is also sold with a PC/104 or PC/104-Plus computer as part of all SpacePC Development Kits, which come preassembled with a CPU board, cable set, POST code card, and accessories mounted on the development base.

The PC104+DEV is currently in stock and priced at $533/each in single unit quantities.

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