Flexible approach to metalforming

Metalforming processes such as forging, extrusion, rolling and multi-stage forming, can all be simulated in the finite element analysis software, Autoforge from Marc. The software for the simulations of hot and cold bulk metal forming processes provides data on forces and pressures at each stage of metal forming. That means that users can optimise processes to increase cycle times, minimise tool wear, avoid cyclic die overloading and prevent problems such as cracking, overlapping and incomplete die filling.

Engineers can examine characteristics such as material flow, swage and die filling, forming forces, the heat generated during forming, workpiece expansion and net part shape. The software allows the user to simulate flow lines of the material and obtain a distribution of the material hardness to make detailed assessments of qualities such as local work hardening, the distribution of pressure between workpiece and die throughout the process and critical stresses in the workpiece.

The software automatically and continuously recreates the FE mesh to ensure the solutions are accurate as deformations evolve.

CAD models can easily be imported from well-known systems such as AutoCAD, Intergraph SolidEdge and HP’s SolidDesigner.