Flexitallic to provide sealing solution

Anxious to reduce the potential for emissions from the exhaust manifold on a new catamaran engine design, a major diesel engine manufacturer commissioned Flexitallic to provide a sealing solution for high temperature applications. The engine manufacturer’s existing sealing arrangement lacked the ability to recover following thermal expansion at high temperatures of 700 to 800 C. Flexitallic’s solution was a spiral wound gasket design with an oxidisation inhibited core, protected on both sides by a mica shield. When combined with the correct steel components, the result is a gasket able to perform successfully in temperatures of up to 1000 C. As this application provided very little bolt loading, the gasket also incorporated Flexitallic’s LS (low stress) design, where compression and sealing requirements are achieved under very low seating stresses. A full face guide ring was also incorporated for easy bolt hole location. Flexitallic has also been asked to fulfil an order for these gaskets for retrofitting