Flight path

British Airways is to improve its 777 fleet with the implementation of Boeing’s Performance Improvement Package, a series of measures that will result in fuel-efficiency gains and subsequent emissions reductions.

The package will be applied to the airline’s 42-aircraft 777 fleet.

Boeing expects the 777 Performance Improvement Package to reduce fuel spending per aircraft by about $200,000 (£108,000) annually, assuming crude oil prices average $100 per barrel.

‘Any cost-effective measures to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions are to be welcomed and we’re pleased to be working with Boeing on this initiative across our 777 fleet,’ said Robert Boyle, commercial director, British Airways.

The key elements of the 777 Performance Improvement Package are the addition of a drooped aileron and a ram air system. In addition, Boeing will provide redesigned wing vortex generators.

The 777 upgrade package is focused on the 777-200, -200ER and -300 models, accounting for more than 500 airplanes. Newer 777 models, the 777-200LR, -300ER and Freighter, incorporate the upgrades during factory production.