Float on

Innovative air bearing design gets loads moving.

If you’ve got a weight problem the answer could be a Hovair Systems’ air film transporter. These can help you move a load of between 3 and 6000 tonnes with no puffing and blowing and in complete safety.

Using platforms fitted with air bearings and air powered drive systems, heavy equipment can be floated and moved with great precision, simply powered by a standard 5 to 6 bar compressed air supply.

Four or more bearings are fitted to each platform to lift the load and create a film of air just 0.1mm thick which virtually removes friction while a system of flow control values automatically ensures optimum performance, even under changing load configurations.

The air bearings can be easily removed for inspection even when the platform is loaded, and the small number of moving parts used in the platform ensures reliability and keeps maintenance costs to a minimum.

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