Flow measurement service on the web

Fisher-Rosemount Flow Computers and energy technology expert Aurion Technologies have announced a strategic partnership that will provide an Internet-based flow measurement service in the process control market.

Under the partnership, Aurion Technologies will become the exclusive provider of an Internet-based field data collection and data presentation system for Fisher-Rosemount electronic flow computers and remote telemetry units, including a new line of web-enabled electronic flow measurement (EFM) devices.

Fisher-Rosemount will offer eFlow, a complete Internet-based flow measurement service in partnership with Aurion. The service will consist of three major components: field-based electronic devices from Fisher-Rosemount for measuring the flow of natural gas; remote communications from Aurion; and global technical field services utilising Fisher-Rosemount’s sales channel.

‘Web-based automation will provide tremendous value to the energy industry in providing ‘real-time’ data in a format that is inexpensive to implement and easily integrated across different business systems,’ said Fisher-Rosemount Flow Computer President Jon Milliken.

Fisher-Rosemount has already begun successful deployment of eFlow computers in West Texas for gas pipeline applications, and the company expects thousands of additional units to be rapidly accepted by the marketplace.