Flow measurement under pressure

Developed to meter the flow of high pressure steam and boiler feedwater, Deltaflow integrating pitot tubes are now available in the UK from Flowline.

The pitot tubes are manufactured in all common high temperature steels, including P91, in compliance with boiler specifications , and withstand all pressures and temperatures expected within efficiency optimised plants. With a flow profile developed according to the latest scientific methods, the pressure probes are said to reach levels of precision better than one per cent.

The cost of switching from classic flowmeters to the Deltaflow is quickly recovered due to low installation costs and the minimal pressure drop contributes to increased efficiency.

Due to the low pressure drop, the metering process is extremely linear, even when metering compressible media, making it possible to have an extended range with considerable accuracy. This accuracy is of substantial benefit in many areas of application, especially for sampling at the entry and exit areas of turbines, as well as for functions in the district heating industry and, amongst others, sugar refining and tyre manufacture.

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