Flowmeters for precise measurements

A new range of flowmeters from Toshiba combines superior noise immunity with ceramic detection unit liners allowing precise measurement in a range of applications, particularly abrasive slurries. The LF400 series electromagnetic flowmeters consists of the LF400 converter and LF410 detector (with separate converter option) and for both the full range of options, such as batch total detection, leaving the only choice that of electrode material and whether to install the LCD display.

The Series encompasses ceramic measurement tubes from 15mm to 100mm, as well as alumina ceramic linings available in 2.5mm to 100mm sizes. Detection units are available with Teflon or rubber lining providing a full range from 2.5mm through to 3000mm.

Of rugged construction, the LF410 detector can endure up to a 100 degree C/s temperature decrease and as much as 300 degree C/s temperature increase.

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