Fluke puts safety first

New from Fluke is a range of digital multimeters, the Fluke 20 and 70 Series III multimeters, which visitors can try for themselves on the stand.

The latest series has features which protect the user against power surges and voltage transients up to 6kV and are independently tested to meet IEC1010. The input ranges and functions are protected to the meters’ rated voltage, so the meter will not blow a fuse or be destroyed if the user connects it to a live circuit while still in the ohms setting.

An improved display and ergonomically shaped case make the meters easier to handle, and an overmoulded holster means they will be rugged. Also new is the 80 Series III multimeter which has a superior back-lit display.

The newest data acquisition product, the Wireless Logger, is a complete data transmission solution that allows secure interference-free collection of data over distances of up to 240m through walls and floors or up to 400m in line of sight. With this capability the Wireless Logger can be placed on top of chimneys, for example, or in toxic or high-voltage environments which are hazardous or inaccessible to technicians.

Fluke Tel: 01923 216400