Flying with three wheels

Mention three wheeler cars to most people in the UK and they automatically think of the Trotters’ yellow Reliant Robin in the television series Only fools and horses. The Lovel F20 dispels such allusions instantly.

Designed by Dutch brothers Kees and Hans Van Der Starre, this wild and fast vehicle has a top speed of 156mph and achieves 0-62mph in just 3.5s. Powered by a 1000cc engine, and weighing just 350kgs, it also manages to achieve the impressive feat of out-accelerating a Ferrari (up to 62.5mph).

Experience with high powered bikes proved useful in the design of the drive transmission for the vehicle, and the brothers selected a chain drive from Tsubaki’s Sigma series. Sigma series chains, used on racing motorbikes all over the world, are manufactured with heavy duty link plates and solid rollers which are shot peened to increase strength. The strength and wear resistance of these chains is well proven by their use in seven world speed records at Bonneville Flats in the USA.